History of Red Crags Bed & Breakfast Inn

The founder of Manitou Springs, Colorado, Dr. William Bell built Red Crags circa 1874 as a wellness clinic for wealthy English clients, who came to the area renowned for its healing properties. Around the turn of the century, Teddy Roosevelt frequently visited Red Crags. Very little is known about Teddy Roosevelt’s visits, though it is said he came to hunt the big horn sheep on Pikes Peak.

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In the summer of 1924 and 1925, the artist Berger Sanzen occupied part of the house. He was associated with Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas. He also taught art in a Colorado Springs art school. Over the years these classes evolved into the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.

Since the 1880s Red Crags has twice served as a wellness clinic. Then, in 1951, it became known as Red Crags Lodge. This is the first known time that the Victorian home was used for vacationers to the area. Located in the historic district, it has also been a private home, apartment house, office building and a girls’ home. The old Carriage House, built around 1910 was also used as a marionette theater in the 1970s.

Established as a B&B in 1989, Red Crags Bed & Breakfast Inn provides continued premium customer service for all guests. The historic Victorian inn now has eight bedrooms and suites, including the 1998 renovated luxury suites in the Carriage House. These have been the favorite of many honeymoon and anniversary celebrations for visiting guests.